News: B-Snug - Helping households to decarbonise their home heating using predictive machine learnin

The B-Snug Smart Hybrid Heating System offers customers a simple and affordable way to transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon energy source without the disruption of replacing their existing oil or LPG heating system.

The B-Snug system brings together a Samsung air source heat pump and a traditional boiler with predictive machine learning controls delivered by PassivSystem’s Advanced Smart Control Service.

The Advanced Smart Control Service continuously evaluates and models the temperature of the home and interprets weather forecast data to optimise the heating strategy. This real time analysis coupled with the customers schedule ensures that the heating comes on to heat the home to the desired temperature at all times and whatever the weather. The intelligent controls switch between the two heat sources (a newly fitted Samsung Air Source Heat Pump and the existing boiler) automatically selecting the most appropriate fuel source to deliver warmth and comfort. With the majority of heat being provided by the heat pump, the system both reduces heating bills and cuts carbon emissions.

Designed to minimise the upfront investment and running costs for homeowners, the B-Snug Smart Hybrid Heating System is fully compliant with the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (DRHI) and takes advantage of the ‘assignment of rights’ allowing homeowners to transfer the DRHI payments to B-Snug as the investor.

Homeowners pay £1,610 (VAT inclusive) for the supply and installation of the air source heat pump and smart controls, plus a monthly fee of £9.90 (VAT inclusive) for 7 years – a fraction of the typical £8,000 supply and installation costs. Owners also have the option to apply for the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) funding from the government. Successful applicants will receive payments worth £1,610 over 7 years, completely off-setting the initial upfront cost and making the switch much more affordable.

The system is capable of integrating with any form of heating, however our initial offer is focussed on homes using oil, LPG or solid fuels, as the *Freedom Project suggests that it’s these homeowners that will make the greatest savings on bills and carbon reduction.


B-Snug is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell U.K. Ltd and a member of the Renewable Energy Code of Conduct (RECC). B-Snug is being brought to market by PassivSystems Ltd, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer.

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B-Snug is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell U.K. Ltd,  and a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.
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B-Snug is brought to market by PassivSystems Ltd, 
a Microgeneration Certification Scheme approved installer.

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