Blog: Hybrid heating systems – expert answers to your questions

With so many heating systems on the market offering a range of features and pricing, you might well be confused about which product is right for your home.

Here are some insights from our Installation Manager and in-house expert Rob, to help explain how the B-Snug system works, its benefits and our unique financial package.

What is B-Snug offering?

B-Snug is offering a hybrid heating system comprising an air source heat pump (ASHP) that works alongside your existing boiler and includes an advanced smart heating control system which helps save you money on your heating bills. The three components help lower your heating bills, keep your home warm and reduce your use of conventional fuels making you a more environmentally friendly home.

In a nutshell, the system is comprised of:

  • Your existing oil or LPG boiler

  • A Samsung Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

  • PassivLiving – an award-winning Advanced Smart Control Service from PassivSystems

The addition of an ASHP to your existing heating system creates a Smart Hybrid Heating System which is what the Climate Change Committee has recommended to government for de-carbonising heat in homes. The ASHP does most of the heating all year round, maintaining your comfort levels within the home. It generates heat at a greater efficiency than your conventional fuel boiler, but the smart controls will call on heat from your existing boiler on particularly cold days or when it is more efficient.

The smart control system is the brain of the system and continually updates its learning about your home heating and usage, so you can be confident that it’s always using your heating system as efficiently as possible. It makes hundreds of calculations every minute on decisions that impact your home heating and enhances the performance of both the ASHP and your boiler. This helps to keep conventional fuel usage and its associated costs and carbon, to an absolute minimum. We also update the controls software regularly, so your system is ready to benefit from the improvements and enhancements that we develop over the life of your system.

Why should people be looking to install a hybrid heating system?

Your boiler isn’t getting any younger so at some point it will need replacing. You could replace it with another traditional oil or LPG boiler, but with government plans to phase out the use of conventional fuels in home heating systems in the 2020s, homeowners need to consider other options.

Installing a hybrid heating system is probably your best bet, especially if you are off mains gas and using oil or LPG. If you are planning to replace your existing system as you renovate your home or if you are just worried about your aging boiler or increases in the cost of LPG or oil, there’s never been a better time to consider a hybrid heating system. It reduces your heating bills, cuts the number of fuel deliveries you have to organise, and prolongs the life of your existing boiler.

It also reduces emissions, which means you’re doing something positive for the environment and helping the UK move towards net zero carbon emissions. Plus, as an added bonus, if your boiler does actually break down midwinter, you won’t freeze because the ASHP will maintain warmth in your home until your boiler can be fixed.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you’d think, thanks to government grants.

B-Snug is offering the complete installation for just £1,610, plus a monthly fee of £9.90 for 7-years, which covers the smart control service. Overall, that’s a contribution of £2,441.60 (including VAT). Your total outlay could be reduced to just £832.00 over 7 years if you are successful in your application for the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP).

We use the word ‘contribution’ because the ASHP and installation costs actually total around £8,000 but, as a registered investor with Ofgem, we are able to claim the majority of costs from the government through Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. RHI payments are made every three months when you use the ASHP to heat your home. Over the 7-year period of our agreement, this is how we recover the cost of our investment in the ASHP and installation.

In addition to our offer, you will be eligible to apply for Ofgem’s compliant Metering and Monitoring Service Package, which entitles the applicant to receive £1,610. And, based on results of trials called the Freedom Project, which were conducted by PassivSystems, you could see annual savings on your energy bill of up to £700.

All-in-all, it’s a really good deal!

What’s the installation process like?

The installation process is quick and easy as we are not overhauling the entire system, we are adding a heat source to it.

First of all, we visit your home and carry out an enhanced EPC survey which enables us to create a set of heat loss calculations for your home, which are both free of charge. If your home is suitable we will follow this up with a proposal and once you have confirmed you wish to proceed, we will organise a trusted local installer from our network to install the system over three days. The ASHP is fitted outside while inside we fit a room thermostat, a boiler control and a small control box which is normally located near your consumer unit (which you might refer to as your fuse box).

And that’s it. Because we use smart controls, the system will continue to use your existing radiators or underfloor heating system so there’s no need to change them. This approach greatly reduces the amount of disruption to your home and helps to keep costs to a minimum.

When installation is complete, you download an app to give you control over the system and its scheduling. Once fitted, though, you can pretty much forget about it – the smart controls will manage your heating for you according to your preferences

So why choose to go with B-Snug?

There are many companies that offer an ASHP on its own, but we are one of the first companies to offer a RHI funded hybrid heating system that combines an ASHP with your existing boiler and PassivSystems Advanced Smart Control Service.

Your upfront costs for the ASHP and installation are very low, as are the monthly costs. You have a 7-year warranty on equipment supplied by established and proven brands in the domestic heating market. B-Snug is a member of RECC and abides by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, giving you and your investment the protection you deserve. You also have the added peace of mind that B-Snug is owned by Shell Uk. Ltd.

Whether you are renovating your home or just considering changing your boiler, it’s time to save money, save fuel and future proof your home with a B-Snug Smart Hybrid Heating System.

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