Be Smart, Be Warm,


Our smart heating system upgrade could save you money and could make your home more comfortable

For customers who heat their home with oil or LPG

Be Smart

Upgrade your heating system with a B-snug Heat Pump to become dual fuel and enjoy the benefits of award-winning smart control technology which could help make your home more economical to heat and environmentally-friendly.

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Control with you ALL the time

Award-winning controls designed to keep you warm for less cost.

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You could reduce your heating's carbon footprint

The Advanced Smart Control Service continuously evaluates and models the thermal characteristics of your home and interprets weather forecast data. This ensures that the heating comes on at the right time to heat your home to the desired setpoint in the most cost efficient way.

Heating tailored to your home

Every home is different. That’s why we arrange a free, no-obligation survey with an approved partner to make a detailed assessment of your home.


Our MCS qualified engineers then check your survey to make sure our system is suitable for your home.


When convenient our RECC approved engineers will upgrade your heating to use a renewable heating system.

Our Smart Hybrid Heating System package includes

A fully installed Samsung Air Source Heat Pump and integration with your existing boiler

PassivLiving Advanced Smart Control Service, online portal and App to help you manage your new system

A full 7 years parts and labour warranty for the Smart Hybrid Heating System

You Pay (inc VAT)

A one off installation contribution of (fully recoverable if you opt into the Metering & Monitoring Service Package below)


A monthly fee of £9.90 for 7 years (a total of £831.60)

£9.90 pcm

The heat pump system installed is worth over £7,750, but you will only pay a fraction by securing the Renewable Heating Incentive.

It’s a great deal supported by two government incentives:


Simple Process

1. Register your interest

Complete our online form 

2. Call back

Discuss your home’s suitability with one of our team

3. Home survey

Includes a free EPC survey with one of our specialist surveyors

4. Proposal

We’ll send you a full proposal, including a floor plan and a forecast  of the carbon and cost savings

5. Installation

Typical 3 day install

B-Snug is an ideal solution for homeowners who are...

Concerned about the cost of filling up their oil or LPG storage tanks

Thinking about replacing their ageing boiler because they are worried about breakdowns or cost of repair

Looking for a lower carbon alternative to heat their home but are put off by the disruption and cost of completely replacing their existing system

Looking to improve their comfort and have greater, realtime control over their heating

Adding a second fuel source will also give greater fuel security in the peak of winter when conventional fuel supply could be an issue in extended cold weather periods.

Don't compromise on comfort - set and forget and let our advanced smart controls do the rest. You'll always have a cosy home and know it's not costing the earth. 

Ready to make the switch today?

You could benefit from

Increased Comfort

Cost Control

Renewable Energy

Still undecided?

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